Modular Rebar

For construction projects who want speed and cost savings, Midland Steel’s range of superior products and expert services are transforming the construction industry. Our modular rebar solution, Fasterfix, ensures a stronger and faster way to build, keeping your project on time and budget, reducing labour, cost and time savings every step of the way.

Introduction to Faster Fix Modular Rebar

FasterFix as a process. From BIM to delivery. FasterFix as a solution is comprised of:

  • Services

    BIM based collaborative process, with a focus on Quality and expert logistics.
  • Goods

    The goods are sustainable, responsibly sourced and reliable; with conformity with all relevant industry standards. Strong reinforcing elements, which is not just rebar.

Involving FasterFix in your projects means the best material is incorporated in the most efficient way possible.

Benefits of Faster Fix Modular Rebar

75 %


80 %

Less Labor

30 %

Reduction in prelims
  • Just in time deliveries

  • Zero scrap

  • Reduction in construction cycles up to 80%

  • collaborative BIM process

FasterFix Modular Rebar Features

Detail design as per Engineer’s Intent

  • BIM based process
  • Optimized for constructability, site constraints, project schedule, Just-In-Time deliveries

Efficient production of FasterFix modules in our integrated facility

  • Eliminate unnecessary transportation
  • Use waterways and rail transport – low carbon, less trucks on roads
  • Cut and Bend is part of the production process
  • Dedicated state-of-art production facility for FasterFix modules
  • Proprietary trailers and own fleet for efficient logistics management

BIM Based Information Flow

  • Sustainable and responsibly sourced reinforcement
  • Traceability from mill to individual bars
  • Deliveries coordinated as per client call offs

Delivery of FasterFix Modules

  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Lifting sequence respected in loading sequence of trailers and arrival sequence of vehicles to your site
  • Installation instructions, simulations, supervisions and service available

FasterFix BIM
Success Stories

Midland Steel has extensive experience in delivering challenging projects with BIM powered FasterFix, the most efficient reinforcement solution.

External links relevant to this page: Relevant case studies

FasterFix is Innovative

FasterFix is the fastest solution for the reinforcement of concrete elements in structures.

Conventional on-site steel fixing for in-situ concrete elements are substituted for innovative modules of prefabricated offsite reinforcement with FasterFix.

FasterFix builds on lessons learnt

FasterFix and BIM

FasterFix is BIM Level 2 Certified

FasterFix solutions by Midland Steel is delivered under the BIM Level 2 certification. Midland Steel is certified by BSI for the following scope:

BS EN ISO 19650-1:

Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling — Information management using building information modelling: Concepts and principles.

BS EN ISO 19650-2:

Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling — Information management using building information modelling: Delivery phase of the assets.

BS 1192-4:

Collaborative production of information – Fulfilling employer’s information exchange requirements using COBie.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)

FasterFix solutions offer reinforcement detailing in line with the Engineer’s Design Intent (DI) that is optimized following a DfMA design approach.

FasterFix modules are designed as assemblies that can be configured as drop-in elements. The final configuration can then be implemented based on project constraints and client preference.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

FasterFix solutions leverage BIM solutions and offer a common data environment enabling the seamless flow of information amongst project stakeholders.

FasterFix solutions are detailed with Tekla Structures and offered for collaboration through the Trimble Connect solutions with full IFC support for exchange of information with other software solutions.

FasterFix is Certified

Midland Steel’s CARES certifications can be accessed online at the CARES website and certificates can be validated by scanning QR codes on the CARES app on mobile devices.

Apple Store:

Google Play:

FasterFix and BRE’s Responsible Sourced Steel Scheme certification

FasterFix means responsibly sourced steel.
FasterFix offers steel conforming to BRE’s Responsible Sourcing scheme and certified by CARES in conformity to BES6001.

FasterFix and Sustainable Constructional Steel Scheme certification

FasterFix means sustainable steel. FasterFix offer steel conforming to Sustainable Constructional Steel Scheme and certified by CARES in conformity to BS 8902:2009.

FasterFix and Environment Management System Certification

FasterFix is cares for the environment. FasterFix is offered within an Environmental Management System BS 14001 and is certified by CARES in conformity.

FasterFix and Health and Safety Management System Certification

FasterFix cares for people. FasterFix is offered within a BS ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management System and is certified by CARES in conformity.

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