Midland Steel has brought themselves to Norway to partner up with Bastal AS and deliver the products and services offerings that they deliver in the UK and Irish markets.

The board chairman at Bastal AS Frode Kjøsnes and managing director of Midland Steel Tony Woods. 

Bastal AS and Midland Steel have entered a partnership. We are both family-based businesses with similar values and we are striving to be one of the best service providers of reinforcement in the Norwegian market. Midland Steel is leading the industry with innovation and sustainable solutions as part of the Midland Group. Using their core values and concrete frame experience, Midland Steel has developed a world-first product named FasterFix. The innovative, 3D-based production method FasterFix can reduce the reinforcement placing process in any construction project by 80%.  

Midland Steel is a recognized company in Europe in concrete structures and carries a wealth of experience and a worldwide supply chain. Midland Steel is Bim level 2 certified to provide 3D detailing of rebar, characterized by efficiency, sustainability and quality. Bastal AS and Midland Steel found the decision to join in partnership easy to make based on our shared core values. These values are, among other things, to provide world-class service and sustainable products to our customers. Together we deliver innovative solutions providing reinforcement in Norway using service, quality and trust. This partnership means that Midland Steel now enters the ownership side of Bastal AS.  

Midland Steel´s expertise and concepts are now shared with us at Bastal AS, which means that we can deliver FasterFix to our customers. FasterFix is a process of pre-produced reinforcement modules, ready for installation on the construction site. This method reduces the combined production and installation time on the construction site up to 80% and takes us closer to our ambitions of a more sustainable industry. This is a result of FasterFix guaranteeing far less waste than traditional methods of reinforcement. We are ensuring that our customers get greener and higher quality products, as a result of the reinforcement modules being constructed under controlled conditions in our factory, using certified welding processes. 

Midland Steel & Bastal AS are extremely excited about the future growth and impact we will provide the Rebar Market and look forward to future collaboration together with our customers. 

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Rune André Haugland, General Manager 
+47 957 33 333 

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