We supply a full range of LENTON® couplers including Standard Couplers, Position Couplers, Position Transition Couplers, Weldable Couplers, Terminating Couplers and Special Couplers 

Standard Couplers are designed to splice the same diameter bars where one bar is free to move and can be rotated. 

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What are Couplers?

Rebar couplers are used for joining rebar with full tension capacity. Couplers are used as an alternative to lapping rebars to reduce congestion and are threaded onto the ends of the bars. There are a range of types on the market which are depended on the application they are required for, ie. Positional Couplers are designed to connect two rebars that cannot rotate so both ends of the coupler are adjustable so that can independently rotate onto the ends of the two rebars that needs to be connected. 


  • Small diameter reduces concrete cover and eliminates reinforcing steel bar (rebar) congestion
  • Tapered thread helps prevent cross-threading and provides a positive locking, no-slip connection
  • For use on most international grades and types of reinforcing steel bar (rebar)
  • Installs quickly, taking approximately four and one-half turns to engage
  • No special tools or skills required

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