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Midland Steel is a leading reinforcement solutions provider specialising in providing innovative solutions to reinforcement needs of construction projects.

What is Offsite Rebar?

Offsite reinforcing steel is a process of assembling reinforcing steel products for concrete structures under factory controlled conditions using the same materials and design intent that would be required as conventionally fixed rebar onsite – but in up to 75% less time! This process provides a safety & quality improvement, installation time reduction and value engineered benefits – without compromise. SAFTER FASTER SMARTER.

Benefits of FasterFix

FasterFix has a number of benefits to construction projects across the UK and Ireland. It unlocks efficiency in design and construction of reinforcement elements through:

Programme Guarantee

Due to the speed of delivery and installation, contractors can save weeks on the original traditional method programme.

Steel Storage Eliminated

Due to the Just in Time deliveries there is no need to stock steel onsite – ideal scenario for city projects

Increased Site Safety

The elimination of loose steel and 75% of labour onsite dramatically reduces risk.

Operative Reduction

As few as two operatives and one banksman are required to install our prefabricated elements

Crane Time Saving

50% more efficiency on crane due to 15-minute lift per element from trailer, no wasted crane time moving bundles of steel or double handing.

Cost Savings

20% of overall preliminary costs saved due to programme labour reductions and 0% scrap onsite.

Examples of Offsite Rebar

We provide offsite solutions for Podium slabs, Foundation slabs, Walls, Columns, Foundation pads, Ground beams, Trenches, Pile cages, Pile caps, Diaphragm walls, Stair cores and bespoke solutions. Each project is examined individually (site constraints, lifting capacities & site storage) and a prefab plan is developed with the client to ensure all elements delivered can be installed quickly and simply.


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