About Us

Our experience with BIM and prefabrication over the past 10 years has developed innovative solutions to create more efficient and cost-effective methods to design and install rebar.



  • Midland Steel manage the entire rebar process for the project offering the complete solution from Design Intent to installation. 
  • Detailed to a BIM Level 2 standard
  • Delivery logistics arranged by Midland Steel including wide load permits when needed 
  • Steel mill certs, drawings and temporary works designs accessible on our cloud-based app
  • Steel placing/fixing services available on all projects
  • Commercial benefits using our service gives significant advantages   

Value Proposition

Midland Steel provides innovative solutions of exceptional value that helps our customers deliver high quality reinforcement steel on time and on budget. Through our collaborative approach, we work with you to customise your project, create detailed structure design, and overcome growing demands for productivity, safety and sustainability in the industry. Our full-service offering includes a wide range of production-ready steel delivered when and where you need it.. 


Our Vision is to be recognized as the #1 International Reinforcement Steel Supplier to the Construction Industry delivering excellence – excellence in our value engineered reinforced steel; excellence in the quality of our service, excellence in the results achieved for our customers – Shorter construction times; Greater supply chain reliability; On time deliveries; Improved safety and Lower project costs. We achieve these results using innovation through BIM and our continued investment in the development of Offsite Reinforcement Solutions. 


Through our streamlined processes, we enable our customers to have a safer construction site, faster modular installation time and less waste, reduction in labour, delivering projects on time and on budget. Midland Steel: Pushing The Bar For Steel Reinforcement through Speed, Quality & Safety.


Health and Safety is of utmost importance to Midland Steel. We believe that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment and always prioritise safety regardless of commercial or financial pressures. 

Our Health and Safety management systems are OHSAS 18001 Certified which demonstrates both the robustness of our safety practices and our commitment to a process of continuous improvement. 

Midland Steel’s commitment to Health and Safety is also demonstrated through our ongoing drive to reduce accident rates to zero. We aim to achieve this through ongoing employee education and engagement, as an integrated part of everyday practices. 


Midland Steel is firmly committed to the principles of sustainability; to meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. To Midland Steel, being a sustainable business is about balancing Social, Environmental and Economic goals and objectives.
Midland Steel is committed to being a sustainable producer and supplier of reinforcement products and services to the Irish, UK and Norwegian construction markets. Our sustainability management practices focus on the identification, measurement and improvement of social and environmental impacts and performance. We are CARES approved for BS 8902 CARES Sustainability Scheme and BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.


Midland Steel is committed to providing quality focused services and products to our customers. Our standards and management systems ensure accuracy through our processes from detailing to installation onsite.