What Sustainability means to us


Midland Steel is firmly committed to the principles of sustainability; to meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. To Midland Steel, being a sustainable business is about balancing Social, Environmental and Economic goals and objectives.

Midland Steel is committed to being a sustainable producer and supplier of reinforcement products and services to the UK and Irish construction markets. Their sustainability management practices focus on the identification, measurement and improvement of social and environmental impacts and performance. They achieve and demonstrate this approach through their established, CARES certified Health and Safety, Environmental and Sustainability management systems, which are underpinned by a commitment to continuous improvement.

Midland Steel check and monitor tier 1 suppliers at least annually, ensuring where applicable such suppliers are certified in key competencies such as BES-6001, SCS V9. Where not certified to such standard Midland Steel will risk assess such suppliers using a basic low, medium, or high matrix.

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Midland Steel takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. They have integrated ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management Systems in depots throughout Ireland and the UK. This means that they have identified and measured their site specific environmental impacts, and where possible implemented a range of targets to reduce those impacts through a process of continuous improvement.

Midland Steel is paying particular attention to the reduction of waste and transport emissions as well as a range of other environmental impacts.
Transport Impacts

Midland’s strategically positioned depots throughout Ireland and the UK ensure that their transport impacts are kept to a minimum. Where possible, customer deliveries are localised and bulk deliveries from their suppliers are made by the most sustainable methods of transport available such as rail and sea.
Waste Recycling

Midland Steel have implemented a range of systems which ensure that all production waste is kept to a minimum, and where possible reduced. Being a Steel Reinforcement supplier means that the majority of their production waste (mainly off-cuts) is high quality steel which they recycle through local scrap merchants.

Reinforcing steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely.



For Midland Steel, the social aspects of sustainability begin with their role as an employer and extend to other groups, communities and societies which they can influence. Midland Steel is committed to being a responsible neighbour and employer and takes its role as a supply chain steward very seriously.

As an employer, Midland Steel ensure that employee Health, Safety, welfare and personal development are always a core consideration in their decision making process, particularly Health and Safety; their number one priority.

They are continuously striving to embed Health & Safety as a cultural mind-set within the business, to ensure that accidents are minimised, and that near miss information and employee feedback is fully utilised to improve working processes and improve overall Health & Safety performance.

Every Midland Steel operation is part of a community of other businesses, local residents, schools and other groups and individuals who affect or are affected by their operations.

Midland steel is committed to meeting the expectations of these stakeholders and consider their collective needs when making decisions which could affect them.

If you are a member of one of our communities and would like to contact us, please visit our Locations and Contacts page for contact details.

Supply Chain Steward
As one of the UK’s leading steel reinforcement suppliers, Midland Steel has a duty to ensure that it acts responsibly. In addition to trading ethically in Ireland and the UK, they are also aware of their wider responsibilities as part of a global supply chain.

Midland Steel supply steel sourced from Cares Approved sources worldwide. All are certified to the CARES Sustainable Reinforcing Steel Scheme. This provides their customers and other stakeholders with the reassurance that their supply chain meets a range of responsible sourcing criteria.

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‘Don’t Walk By’ Campaign

Midland Steel’s ‘Don’t walk by’ campaign was developed to increase the reporting of near miss incidents. Midland Steel firmly believe that the only way to reduce accident and injury rates and reach their target of zero harm is to encourage employees to think safety first and to report all hazards and near misses encountered whilst performing their roles. 

Tony Woods, Managing Director of Midland Steel is a strong advocate of this campaign, stating recently that “The reporting of near miss incidents is a vital element in our Health and Safety education process. If we can’t identify elements within our working environment which present a risk to employee safety then we simply can’t improve.” 

As part of this campaign, “Don’t Walk by: Report near misses” has been printed on the back of every Hi-visability vest to reinforce this message and to keep safety at the forefront of every employees mind. 

Gary O’Reilly wins Bronze at the Olympics

We all felt incredibly lucky and privileged to have Laois’ very own Olympic Bronze Medalist Gary O’Reilly visit us here at Midland Steel.

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Carbon Footprint:

Midland Steel are committed to reducing carbon emissions year on year through the implementation of our Environmental and Sustainability Management systems. As part of our Sustainability Accreditation UK CARES produce a Carbon Footprint Report of our performance.

Sustainability Report 2022:

As part of our commitment to being a sustainable producer and supplier of reinforcement products, Midland Steel assesses its commitment and performance through the independently assessed CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) Scheme. This assessment includes the commitment to make available publicly an annual Sustainability Report.