Cut & Bend Rebar

Cut and Bend rebar is fabricated in all Midland Steel locations in accordance with the BS 8666:2020 standard. Our facilities have automated and robotic bending machines that can cut & bend 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm reinforcement into standard and no standard shapes as per the standard.

Midland Steel is a CARES approved supplier (independent, non-for-profit certification body) operating for the benefit of the construction industry offering certification schemes for companies that produce materials, components or offer services, primarily to the reinforced concrete industry.


What is Cut and Bend Rebar?

Cut and Bend rebar involves cutting and bending stock reinforcing steel bars or coils that have been produced in a steel mill into shapes and lengths as per the standards and customer’s requirement.

Cut and Bend Rebar Features

  • Quick turnaround
  • Quality controlled
  • Custom shapes
  • Multiple stock lengths
  • Cares Approved
  • Pick Up and Delivery

CARES Approved Supplier

Midland Steel are a CARES approved supplier [] of cut and bent reinforcing steel products and hold CARES Product Conformity, Quality Management System, Environment Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management Certifications in all locations and approvals for CARES Sustainability Scheme and BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of construction products in the Mountmellick and London factories.

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The Safest Steel Reinforcement Delivery System

Midland Steel only deliver reinforcing steel products using the safest flat bed delivery system available. Safety is Midland Steel’s number one priority; whether its the safety of depot employees, delivery drivers or members of the public and employees of client organisations.

Thats why they have worked closely with Safety Transport Systems to develop a flat bed trailer safety system which drastically reduces the risk of operatives falling from the trailer during loading and offloading, as well as providing improved load safety during transit and safe onsite storage system for loose and prefabricated reinforcing steel products.

Midland Steel’s entire delivery fleet have Safety Trailers fitted as standard.


Safety Trailer

State of the art machinery

We have over 50 Cut & Bend machines across the Midland Steel Group used to fabricate high quality processed rebar to your site. Industry leading machinery is used with a combination of automated and robotic systems ensuring safety for the operator as No. 1


BS 8666:2020

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